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Ray Dalio Life Principles

Ray Dalio is the founder of Bridgewater Associates, the largest hedge fund in the world. His book Principles is worth reading, in which he shares his world view, life philosophy, as well as algorithms to make decision and optimize for the whole.

This book contains two parts of principles, life principles and work principles. It will be followed by another volume containing two other parts, economic principles and investment principles.
This blog post includes key points and summary table of of the first part, his life principles.

Key points of life principles

Be a hyperrealist.
Be radically open-minded and transparent. Be radically open-minded starting from sorting out open-minded people from close-minded people then learn.
See from nature’s perspective: optimize for the whole and evolution.
Evolve (= adapt + determine + learn) fast to the pain.
Higher-level thinking. Learn thoughtful disagree, let the higher-level thoughtful you win out over the lower-level emotional you.
Be imprecise and an imperfectionist. “By and large” is needed to make efficient decisions.
Remember time axis and scale axis when synthesizing the situation at hand.
Thinking (simplify!) ⇒ Principles ⇒ Algorithms (believability weight, data-driven, etc.) ⇒ Great decisions.

Summary table of life principles


  1. Ray Dalio Principles Official Website. 🔗 LINK
  2. Ray Dalio Principles Excerpt. 📄 PDF
  3. Ray Dalio Principles 2011 inner version. The book is an enlarged version of it. 📄 PDF
  4. Ray Dalio TED talk. How to build a company where the best ideas win. It contains an introduction of the inner system used in Bridgewater called "dot". 📽 VIDEO
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