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Portrait of an Old Geisha《老妓抄》

This is a very short review of Okamoto Kanoko's "Portrait of an Old Geisha" which is amazing.

The way she captures the deep and essential emotions of people is ghost-like, and her writing style is almost demonic.

The insight into the evil of humanity sends a shiver down readers' spines.

Buddhism, Zen, death and life, obsession and unrequited desire, and the aesthetics of violence are similar to those of Yukio Mishima.

The characters are never Monist, and the flesh and blood are too realistic and rich, so much so that the ugliness of human nature leaps off the page.

The Devil Eater, Portrait of an Old Geisha, and The Ivy Gate are three of my favorite stories in the 2020 Chongqing Press edition of a nine novels collection. I'd like to read the newer 2022 一頁folio edition as well. Okamoto Kanoko is 🥈 in my favorite novelist list of the year (the first one is still Yukio Mishima).






《食魔》、《老妓抄》、《常春藤之门》是2020年重庆出版社版本九篇小说里最喜欢的三篇。想把一頁 folio 2022 版本的也找来读,年度最喜欢小说家第🥈(第一还是三岛由纪夫)。

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