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Here are my previous projects, feel free to click & view! 😜

  • Directional Edge Boxes: Exploiting Inner Normal Direction Cues for Effective Object Proposal Generation

    ◦ In this paper, we develop a new representation named directional edges on which each edge pixel is assigned with a direction toward object center, through learning a direction prediction model with convolutional neural networks in a holistic manner. Based on directional edges, two new objectness measures are designed for ranking object proposals.
    ◦ Paper published on JCST: PDF

  • Robomasters Robot Battle

    ◦ We built robot cars from scrach utilizing computer vision algorithms to enhance the robot cars abilities of auto-aiming and obstacles avoidance.
    ◦ Final Winner at central China competition area and Finalists of national area.
    ◦ Techniques: OpenCV, Lucas–Kanade method for tracking, Mathematical morphology (e.g. erosion, dilation), Object Segmentation
    ◦ Links: Robomasters Intro Video, Competition Video, Verge Report

  • Collaborative Climate Model Diagnostic Machine Learning Workflow Analyzer

    ◦ Climate modeling and model analysis web-based information system. It's a project collaborated by NASA and CMU.
    ◦ Work As: Graduate Research Assistant @ CMU
    ◦ Techniques: Vue.js, Backbone, Neo4j, Webpack, ES6, Responsive Web Design
    ◦ Links: Project Page, Running Platform

  • Human Capital Management Network Model
    @ ICM

    ◦ A multi-layer network model consisted of trust, information, and relationship network was proposed by deciding nodes, making bold assumptions of allocation & connection, and determining edges values.
    Honorable Mention Prize @ 2015 Interdisciplinary Contest In Modeling (ICM)
    ◦ Techniques: Matlab, LINGO, revised MCG Matrix
    ◦ Links: PDF, Certificate

  • Robert Van Embricqs Side Rising Table Model @ MCM

    ◦ Robet designed the side rising table, which can transform a board to a table. After building model analysing the table structure, a Matlab GUI interface was made to auto-generate processing parameters.
    ◦ National 1st prize @ 2014 Chinese Mathematical Contest of Modeling (MCM), <0.5%
    ◦ Techniques: Matlab GUI, LINGO, discretization, analytic geometry, parametric design
    ◦ Links: PDF

  • Snapberry - Help the Blind Hear the World

    ◦ Snapberry is an IoT device for the blind to hear the world. It translates surrounding scene to sound by vision recognition and text to speech.
    ◦ Work As: Founder, Full-stack Engineer
    ◦ Techniques: Raspberry Pi, Android App, iOS App, Node.js, Firebase, Express, Microsoft Vision API, Webpack, Babel
    ◦ Links: CMU News, Project Page, Release 1, Release 2

  • Idea Pills, Events Management with Eisenhower Decision Matrix

    ◦ Idea Pills is an events management web app with Eisenhower Decision Matrix to categorize affairs by their importance and urgency.
    ◦ Work As: Product Owner, Engineer
    ◦ Techniques: React, Webpack, Babel (for ES6), Responsive Web Design
    ◦ Links: Intro Page, App

  • Lynking - Build Your Network Here and Now

    ◦ Lynking is a Single-Page Application (SPA) enables you to effectively network with people nearby based on geolocations.
    ◦ Work As: Front-end Engineer, UX Designer
    ◦ Techniques: AngularJS, jQuery, AJAX, Node.js, Express, MongoDB for RESTful API, Framer for UX
    ◦ Links: Demo, Video, Code, UX Prototype

  • Jibo Donor - Engaging Donation

    ◦ We leverages and square to let Jibo robot engage people to make a donation.
    Best Dev Prize @ Intuit Silicon Valley Hackathon
    ◦ Techniques: Jibo SDK, dialogue model, quickbooks API, square API
    ◦ Links: Video, Code, Jibo Tweet

  • 2016 VALSE Conference Website

    ◦ 2016 Vision And Learning SEminar (VALSE) Conference Website, Sign-up: 1500+, Google PR = 1
    ◦ Work As: Product Manager, Designer, Front-end, Part of the Backend
    ◦ Techniques: HTML/CSS/JavaScript, Bootstrap, Responsive Web Design, Python, Apache, MySQL, PhotoShop
    ◦ Links: Homepage

  • 2016 IEEE SIDAS International Forum Website

    ◦ 2016 IEEE Signal and Data Science Forum, Sign-up: 450+,Google PR = 1
    ◦ Work As: Product Manager, Designer, Web Full Stack (Design, Front-end, Backend)
    ◦ Techniques: HTML/CSS/JavaScript, Bootstrap, Python, Apache, MySQL, PhotoShop
    ◦ Links: Homepage

  • AUTOINHOME Technology Co,. Ltd. Website and Online Store

    ◦ AUTOINHOME Technology Co,. Ltd. focuses on Intelligent Home Solution. I constructed the company homepage and online store as an intern.
    ◦ Work As: Web Engineering Intern
    ◦ Techniques: HTML/CSS/JS, AngularJS, FullPage.js, Desktop/Mobile Devices Responsive, Full Page Switch, and Touch Scroll compatible
    ◦ Links: Homepage, Online Store

  • Multi-disciplinary Design Thinking Platform

    ◦ Colaborate with Professor Sam Cho (a Guru of Architecture Parametric Design), we explore the possibility of using design thinking tools + cross-boundary to open a platform for people to create new products.
    ◦ Work As: Co-founder, Full-stack Engieer
    ◦ Techniques: HTML/CSS/JS, jQuery, Responsive web design
    ◦ Links: Homepage

  • International Biomolecular Design Competition Website @ BIOMOD

    ◦ The website for BIOMOD competition, we won the global silver prize in 2014.
    ◦ Work As: Product Manager, Design, Front-end
    ◦ Techniques: HTML/CSS/JS, jQuery, Responsive web design
    ◦ Links: Homepage, Certificate

  • Zuiwant, Student News Flow Web App

    ◦ Zuiwant is a geo-based crowd-soursing news flow web app for Huazhong University of Science and Technology.
    ◦ Work As: Product Manager, Front-end Engineer
    ◦ Techniques: Single Page Application(SPA), AngularJS(1.5), jQuery, Responsive Web Design
    ◦ Links: Homepage (Campus Network Only)