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Ray Dalio Life Principles

Ray Dalio is the founder of Bridgewater Associates, the largest hedge fund in the world. His book Principles is worth reading, in which he shares his world view, life philosophy, as well as ......


The Amazon Way on IoT (My Notes)

My write up notes reading John Rossman's book: The Amazon Way on IoT.


In this book, John Rossman proposed 10 principles to help business leaders and product owners i......


冯唐《搜神记》So Insane

Feng Tang's So Insane is searching for essense and psyche, which cannot be replaced by AI / machine and are different with present society values. Machines are replacing the w......


Inclusive Front-End Design Patterns - Reading Notes

We might not realize it, but as developers, we build inaccessible websites all the time. It’s not for the lack of care or talent though — it’s a matter of doing things the wrong wa......



《移动互联时代的商机》是辻村清行在 2012 年出版的一本书,距今已经有 5 年。想一想 5 年前的时候,滴滴打车刚刚开始创业,拼车还没有出现;智能家居 / VR / 智能医疗还没有火热。但是这些当下的热点在 5 年前已经在这本书中出现了。

虽然只有 170 页,涉及的核心观点一共 5 点,但是放到现在看一看也能获得不少启发。