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The Submarine at Night 《夜晚的潜水艇》

After reading a lot of novels written by the three outstanding 90's novelists in Northeast China whose style of writing like Jeet Kune Do, I turned to read Chen Chuncheng's The Submarine at Night , and it opens the door to a new world for me. Chen Chuncheng has a miraculous ability to engrave words, he can speak out the extremely subtle, tactful and hidden thoughts in his heart with the deafening silence atmosphere. Those "incomparably messy moods" are the youth that every teenager has had, resonating naturally and unconsciously to the sky with the reader.

My favorite one is "Bamboo Mountain Temple". Everyone who has visited a temple will get purist mind and even think of becoming a monk to keep the state. To me, Bamboo Mountain Temple is like the thought that there can be a pure place to hide a small piece of the clearest heart. It's the piece of Zen in my heart, no matter how complicated the world is, I can still find the truest myself.

In this book, "The Submarine at Night" talks about the annihilation of imagination; "Cloud Tailor" talks about the helplessness of life choices; Missa for "The Dream of Red Chamber" reveals the destinies that the decaying feudal society will inevitably perish; "Li Yin's Lake" talks about the subtle flashback and unavoidable disappearance of long-term memories; and "Musician" pines the infinite, extreme and romantic yearning for the idea of ​​"escaping the cage of reality".

"The bubble of fantasy bursts as soon as it is poked", the negative comments on Douban said, but I think this is exactly the most fascinating part of Chen Chuncheng: He built the fantastic fantasy with countless efforts, and he is willing to burst them to show us the cruelest truth of the world.





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