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49th Street Beast - April 2024

This is my first time to try 49th Street Beast but I've heard of the chef for a long time owning a special pop-up store Amino and famous for his creativity and fermentation skills.

This meal has very obvious pros and cons.

Good parts:

  • Amazing first time eating a combination of sweet kelp, fruit, and pork jelly.
  • The first bite of the mushroom is stunning.
  • Wagyu beef, fantasticly soft and flavorful.
  • The green oil has a rustic, grassy aroma. Some other diner at the table said "it tastes like spring".
  • Cantina. A must try if you go to Fair Isle (yes this restaurant is inside a brewry).

Not so good parts:

  • The bottom of the Garum is too salty.
  • Perhaps for the sake of contrasting textures, the first two dishes both have soft and hard elements, but they are too hard to chew and stick to the teeth.

pork rillette, blackberries, verjus kelp broth, sourdough

My first time eating a combination of sweet kelp, fruit, and pork jelly. Surprisingly not bad. Sweet kelp is great. But the dark tissues inside are tasteless yet hard to chew.

salacia - saison with sugar kelp from blue dot sea farms

This beer is made of the same sweet kelp used in food. Like it.

simply grilled bread with ? oil

Not sure what's the oil on top of it but not had umami.

mushrooms, beef garum, fermented ramps, yeast

First bite took me to heaven, full of mushroom's umami, taking me to the forest in a second. But the bottom portion of mushroom tasted too salty, as they absorted too much beef garum.

miyako - yuzu sake with cellared bobbi, new world hopped saison

Mushroom + Sake, very japanese style combination.

confit pork cheek, fennel kraut, whey miso buerre blanc

I started with dressing and soup, no pork cheek - amazingly zen and in harmony. With the super tenden pork cheek: not better, but totally in another flavor. Good dish.

21 day dry aged wagyu short rib, smoked celery root, dill*

Amazing wagyu. Not like the smoked celery root: the smoke is too strong.

spruce tip pistachio custard, pickled blueberry, sorrel granita

like the green oil with a taste of spring.

cantina - furlani amaro

This is awesome, Love this drink, full of aroma.

I didn't expect to feel full as the menu was only 5 courses (comparing with e.g. 9 courses in Wa'z). But turned out to be a good portion. It would be great to adjust the amount of each course v.s. course number, so I can try more innovation from the chef.

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