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Shiro's Sushi: Chef’s Choice Sushi Course Experience


  • I tried Shiro’s restaurant takeout menu before. Initially I thought Ill get bad sushi’s as Shiro sold his name and no longer owns this restaurant. But turned out the quality is amazing regarding the price of $45 for 12 pieces! This is also the reason why I want to try dine in experience.
  • I also tried Sushi Kashiba restaurant and got served by Shiro Kashiba himself, which is the best ever experience I had. Ref to this blog post.
  • So, what will be the intermediate experience, dine in in Shiro’s, feels like?

Dining Experience

It's great to see there is "bluefin tuna 4 ways" which is a course created by Chef Sushi Kashiba. It's already beyond my expectation to get the bluefin at $85 / 19 pieces price. In addition, there is black snapper and Uni from Hokaido! What else should we expect?!

In the first course, snaper is amazing, love the yuzu flavor - this is similar to Shiro’s course. Others are not impressive but okay. Fishes are quite fresh but fascia in fish was not fully removed.

In the second course, sweet shrimp is not cold enough so the taste is a bit too sticky.

Fried shrimp head is great! The bitter shrimp brain is fully removed and fried to the exact right state. I'd say it's even better than that made by Shiro Kashiba.

Pickling tech is…. bad… unfortunately, the fish became flavorless.

Third course, bluefin in 4 ways. This course is hard to make it wrong - who doesn't love toro?

There was a slight problem with the first piece (right most in photo) though, this piece is not fresh enough. This is actually a problem through the expericen: the quality is inconsistent haha so sometimes I feel this is top grade but the next piece ruined it :(

Black cod: OMG this is god level. A must have and the biggest surprise of the meal.

Negatory: perfect, seaweed is also great.

Uni: not bad but not the top grade as I can taste a slight bitter flavor from it.

Unagi: small and over-cooked, below the bar.

Tamago: below the bar. The real tamago made by Shiro himself was the best (ever) I’ve eaten at Sushi Kashiba - Shiro baked tamago for 10 years when he was Jiro's apprentice.



  • You can never find a better $85 sushi set in Seattle
  • Tradition heritages: you can still feel Shiro’s specialties from the courses. You’ll be carefully introduced to how much soy to apply for each piece of nigiri and the yuzu seasoning is exactly the same with what Shiro made.
  • Thanks for the hot sake on house!
  • Great waiter and waitress!


  • Inconsistency in quality. Some are artpieces some are below the bar.

Scores and Next Step

Price: $85 for 19 nigiris

Q A Score
Worth a try? Yes! 🌟🌟🌟🌟⭐ 3.5/5 stars
Once in a life time experience? Not necessarily 🌟🌟⭐⭐⭐ 2.5/5 stars
Worth a daily dining? Yes & excellent for its fair price! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 4.5/5 stars

What’s next? I’ll also try the Omakase experience and post a blog to review. :)

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