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Trip to Portland

I took a short 3 day vacation trip to Portland to enjoy life. 2022/8/21 - 2022/8/23

Day One

First Impression

西雅图去波特兰路上经过 Kalama,三千人小镇游船和码头好漂亮,有一段路是火车公路水路三线并行。回程去看看这个小镇。
We drove by Kalama on our way to Portland. The 3k-resident small town has a beautiful ship and dock. Train rail, car drive road, and waterway go in parallel. We wanted to vist this small town on the way back (didn't manage to in the end though).

7:26pm: We drove across the columbia river, which is like a "moat" of Portland city.

Portland features for many street stalls, invoking my memory in China.

Mucca Osteria

去餐厅路上4.5 blocks 远预计5分钟走路。Block 很小城市很mini 路也都是双车道、感觉是缩小版本的西雅图城区
Mucca Osteria is 4.5 blocks away from our hotel. Google Maps estimate for a 5-min walk. It's much faster than I'd assume. The block is very mini in Portlanf (comparing with Seatlle). And the road is dual-lane only. This city gave me the similar feeling as if staying in Seattle but smaller, cozier, less nervous.

It is named as the "best" restaurant in Portland. The scallops and beef courses are Michelin level. But others are normal or below my expectations (especially, the tomato soup is the worst I've ever tried).

路边小轻轨20分钟一趟 地面带着地板震动很有生活气息。
The restaurant is right next to the street. Lightrails came every 20 minutes. Sensing the slight vibration of wooden floor, happiness became figurative.


The stripers Ad board, protected by Oregon law:

Portland homeless 不少,homeless 数量可以成为城市liberal 指标了。
迎面而来的高大 homeless 手里揣着本厚书,我大为震撼,在西雅图没见过。
Portland has many homelesses. The number of homeless people can be the liberal index of a city. The oncoming homeless is strong and active with a heavy book in hand. I've never seen a homeless who carries book in Seattle.

好像是给小鸟喝水的地方?非常liberal 了。
Are these basins for birds? L-I-B-E-R-A-L.

Day Two

Historic Place Hotel

住在波特兰的 Embassy Suites by Hilton,是美国古建筑酒店之一,装潢保持古代韵味。
We live in the Embassy Suites by Hilton in Portland. It's one of the U.S. National Register of Historic Places and kept historic sense in decoration.

一楼一个图书交换角落,2020年旅客收到的1909年 The Aeneid,以及见过最古老的书挡,历史与当下交汇的穿越点。
There is a book exchange corner on the first floor. In 2020, a traveller sent The Aeneid published in 1909 to a friend. This place is like the crossing-point of history and current.

Lan Su Garden

The authentic Suzhou garden. It's breath-takingly beautiful.

Sit in the pavilion "HUA FANG YAN YU", breeze touches lotus, green water reflects red lotus, remotely sends the sound from the landscaped waterfall.


Kengo Kuma & Portland Japanese Garden


Bing Me 据说顶了的煎饼果子,薄脆确实牛,但是肉是真的少
Bing Me is well-known in Seattle and Portland for it's authentic Tianjin pancake. I finally tried it. It's good but not exceeding my expectations. I like the crispy cookie in it but there is very little meat not worthing the price.

Cannon Beach

Cannon Beach! 巨石的震撼
Cannon Beach! The astonishing giant stone in seashore.

Cannon beach 居然深得中式园林设计精髓,转角突然见山,用两侧房屋压缩视野,小段路后视野轰然开阔,被天地海川填满眼前的一切。
The walkway to Cannon beach uses strategy from Chinese garden, to compress visitors sights with the high building by both sides of the road. And then the horizon suddenly widens with a giant stone in front of you to compose the surprise.

Ramen Ryoma

Ramen Ryoma 就在昨晚吃的Mucca斜对面。很不错,滋味丰厚,面条劲道。炸鸡皮有点爽。汤汁浓厚得恰到好处,miso底混猪骨汤而不是纯猪骨那么腻。辣味肉末也是辣度恰到好处。蛋稍微煮的有点过了溏心(但是可能是一种流派)。
Ramen Ryoma is great. Right next to the Mucca restaurant. The soup is thick but not over. The fried chicken skin is crispy and not overly-oiled. I especially like the hot minced pork. It's right on the level of hot that I enjoy but not over. The egg is a bit over cooked (but it can be the philisophy of chef. In Japan there are two levels of boiled egg hardness in different styles of ramen.)

Day Three

Voodoo Doughnuts

Voodoo doughnuts 第一天晚上种草,第三天早上来拔草嘿嘿
I saw a long queue waiting to get Voodoo doughnuts, and got to buy the Portland origined doughnut the next day.

Stumptown Coffee Roaster

Stumptown coffee roaster 的设计美学太喜欢了。之前不知道波特兰是 Stumptown 创始地。买了单品豆子回去。
I love the design philosophy of Stumptown coffee roaster. I've bought their coffee beans before but didn't know it's origined from Portland till traveling here. I bought some single origin beans back to enjoy in home.

Multnomah Falls

山下有1921年修建的 lodge,高顶哥特式风格建筑,大石块的支柱和实木横梁很好看。改成了餐厅,坐在 patio 刚好可以看到瀑布一隅,悠悠闲闲。
There is a lodge built in 1921. The gothic style building had wooden main beam and rock pillar. In the patio of the lodge, I can see a corner of the Multnomah Falls.

Columbia River

Columbia river 美国的建立是对原住民的交易史/掠夺史。
The united states was founded as a history of trade/plunder by the Natives.

Virtual Switch?

Fred Meyer 厕所里的行为艺术。
Performance art in Fred Meyer's restroom


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