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Want-want Lonely God Snack Comparison

This is a fun post comparing Lonely God snack made by different manufactures.
Lonely God potato twists are my favorite so I stocked quite a few packs in home. It's a coincidence that I found there are 2 packs made in different places, one in Taiwan and the other in Beijing, and wondering if they are different in any way. :D

Left: Taiwan made; Right: Beijing made.

  • Taiwan made: curlier and thinner, so it tastes crispier.
  • Beijing made: thicker so more chewy. It uses more oil are used and more sprinkles in a bag so more flavoraful

It would be perfect to get a Lonely God potato twists with the combination of features above, to be crispy like Taiwan made ones plus be flavoraful like Beijing made ones. 🤤

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