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Bilibilier I liked and unfollowed in 2021

Image from bilibili small scene and all rights reserved by 马 旷迪.

2021 年开始看 bilibili,很喜欢这个年轻化、允许大脑洞的地方。metaverse 这么火的概念,我觉得 bilibili 比 ......


NFT Demystified

BAYC Bathroom, a collaborative graffiti board that you can add one pixel to the “wall” every 15 minutes, and opens to B......


Peak into shop windows on Halloween night in Seattle

Wandering around two blocks away

from where I live in

on the Halloween night.

Seattle is such a unique city

that each shop has its own flavor of decoration

composing a diversified and charming atmosphere

to make me and force me

to trace back to the time

and imagine how's the city ......